Sarah Guerrero, of SarahG Creative, is an enthusiastic Photographer and Make-Up Artist. Sarah has loved photography and make up her entire life. In 2006 she started to take her craft seriously and began her photographic journey.

Over time, she has refined her skills and focused primarily on the art of “freezing a moment and capturing the emotion in someone’s life.” Sarah has an instinctive ability to capture character in every photograph through the use of lighting and stunning surroundings. Even if the surroundings are not so stunning, Sarah has the creative ability to make a beautiful capture in any surrounding. She has a natural eye for the beauty of simplicity and the capacity to seize your attention in a single frame. She strives to capture the true emotion, personality, and intensity in each of her subjects. Her portfolio consists of musicians, models and fashion, weddings, families, high school seniors, professional athletes and countless others that simply love her creativity, style and ability to capture the light in their eyes. 

As she continues to deliver exceptional images, here is what she has to say about her craft:

" Not only do I have a passion for Photography and Make-up, but also believe it is my purpose to capture amazing photos and transform people through the art of make-up. I love how God has made us as humans and the world in general.  We are all so unique that I think it would be a crime NOT to see his creations in a different prospective, and that's what I strive for. Being able to bring a diverse “look, edge, or feel” to a subject or photograph is my way of showing the world what I see, and I love doing it. It’s such an unexplainable feeling to have the opportunity to wake up every morning and do what you love doing. This career is what motivates me to create, inspire, and drives the passion for my work and I hope you all enjoy it. Being able to give others what they might not have imagined and packaging them together has been an amazing experience. With that, I am here to capture life’s most treasured moments for you, and I am so blessed and have the pleasure of doing so.

I look forward to working with you all in the future and THANK YOU for visiting my site and allowing me to share my passion with you!"

<3 SarahG

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